Discover the 16-year-old Momo, the default setting for Hiiragi Momo.

With a free download, I decided to make a single pencil sketch and distribute it as a PDF / Epub, and since around 2007, I have accumulated a lot of passion for drawing on a B5 size croquis book. It remains on the bookshelf as it is. It cannot be found before that from serial number 135. However, I was working on it at night after the slave labor service in Yoshikawa City was over. Since the numbers are renumbered, it is difficult to determine which one is the first, but if all the drawings are renumbered, the number will be 205. Among them, when I look back on things that I couldn’t look back on until now, such as “Well, did I set such a character?” Or “Momo-chan’s model diary name, nostalgic”, “Oh. It’s been four years since I left the slave laborer, and more than two and a half years after my mother died, my drawing skills have deteriorated considerably. ” In novels and texts, this kind of deterioration is hard to find. The first appearance on paper of Hiiragi Momo, which I completely forgot, was that she was 16 years old, a strange girl of a plastic model otaku belonging to the Seiwa High School art club, and a disciple of Mr. Blue. I will say. I think it was more than 10 years ago that I came up with this character. It was a story when I was lonely at the desk while chatting with 2channel and 5channel. I still go to my desk lonely. However, even though my mother has disappeared and I have changed from a slave laborer to a North Korean worker, my right to go to my desk at night has not been violated. I think that the slave laborer is more interested in women because women are full of young and old, so I think that there are more creations that muses are pleased with in old works. Starting today, I will start drawing in order to gradually recover from the stagnation of three years. It was a pencil sketch, but it is a practice for the method of seeing how to use the Milli-Pen on Youtube, drawing quickly with the H pencil, and making a clean copy with the Milli-Pen. Pencils are better as matiere originals, but they become weaker when you take them into your computer and bring them to your computer monitor or smartphone display on the web. I understood that clear inking like a color manga, or illustrations drawn with black lines and colored would look better digitally. I tried various pens because I wanted to catch up with the freedom of the pencil. The best is G-pen and comic ink, but G-pen is difficult unless you practice it every day. With friction black, pretty good lines go, but with watercolor paper, the ink spreads weakly and the faint lines are repaired, and the drawn lines die. When I watched the video of Milli-Pen, I thought that if I practiced it, I would be enough to be a spokesperson for pencils, so from serial number 206, draw thinly with a pencil of H or 2H and write it cleanly with Milli-Pen. With the hope of getting used to the Milli-Pen and practicing steadily so that I can carry it with my brush, I got up at 17:00 while waiting for my daily work to finish, and returned home while organizing various things. It is coming. Summer was no good. When I created it at night, I couldn’t sleep with my brain spinning at high speed, and the next day I had a hard time working. After passing the equinoctial week in autumn, it somehow got cold inside my head, and I was able to handle tasks calmly. I don’t know how long it will last or continue, but it seems that I can live a stable life in this life for several months. I’m looking forward to looking back a few months later, and I’ll draw one and go to bed today. 2020/09/29